Whether I should write article(s) in English?

注意: この記事は1年以上前に掲載されたものです。情報が古い場合がありますのでお気を付け下さい。

This is my first article written in English language in this blog. I wrote a lot of articles in Japanese language before. Today I’m worrying about whether I should write some article(s) in English language.

I think a lot of people — they are non-Japanese speakers — can easily to know the subject, details, and more information on articles if the people can read English language. I think people who can read English are more than Japanese, because English is used as International language historically.

However, it is very risky to do. According to “英語鎖国で深刻なのは情報入手のスピードじゃないと思う“(メソッド屋のブログ), very few Japanese people reads articles written in English (and/or any other languages but Japanese). That article is written the reason of this phenomenon and what problem causes. So, I think few Japanese subscribers read this article.

Based on the above, I will usually write some articles in Japanese language, sometime English language for the time being.