Why is Twitter report system used for harassment?

注意: この記事は1年以上前に掲載されたものです。情報が古い場合がありますのでお気を付け下さい。

Recently, some Twitter users, they are painters and uploads pictures they drew, are suspended because other users they hates painters and their pictures reports to Twitter via report system. It seems to be harassment or personal attack, and concerns they committed several crimes.

At first, Twitter report system is usually used for below:

  • Not interested in some accounts
  • Posting spam
  • May be hacked
  • Abusive or harmful
    • Disrespectful or offensive
    • Pretending to someone
    • Targeted harassment
    • Threatening violence or physical harm
    • Suicide or self-harm

It seems to be, attackers report painters as “abusive or harmful”.

A lot of painters seem not so to be abusive nor harmful, but posts some sensitive tweets and/or pictures.

It is more serious problem is that attackers report painters with false reason and/or attack them with very offensive posts. The report reason is painters post abusive something openly although painters didn’t post them. It seems attackers want to “murder” painters socially.

As the influence of this problem, Twitter has been changed term of use to prevent indiscriminate repots and/or inciting harassment.

I wish the problem will be solved…